Special food and wine tasting

Barbecue dinners, wine and olive oil tasting, local cold cuts and cheeses



In the middle of the high summer season, on the day of your arrival, do not think about having to go to the grocery store or cook. 
20 pm onwards you can reserve a table for our buffet dinner. You will enjoy a classic Toscany menù.
Some Tuscan specialties such as the “fettunta” with bread and Tuscan olive oil and taste some of our famous regional wines. It will also be the occasion, socializing, to find out our services and events.  
Every week, two other evening entertainments will be organized. 
The so called “pizza party” where you can order your pizza to be eaten all together in the lounge bar area 
The barbecue dinner where you can taste Tuscan specialties on the grill accompanied by the famous regional red wines.